Thursday, August 12, 2010

Free promo stuff!

The hype train is full steam ahead with Scott Pilgrim Vs The World out in movie theaters on Friday.  This week has seen the release of the soundtrack and the video game to the PlayStation Network.  Apparently, there is other crap available like clothing, plushies, and vinyl figures and the game drops on XBLA on the 25th.  It got my MS points all ready!

This afternoon I went to Phoenix Comics and over on the Melodyia side of the store all CDs were 40% off, so I grabbed a couple.  When the guy was writing them up I noticed a pile of t-shirts on the counter and then noticed they were Scott Pilgrim shirts!  I asked him what was up with the shirts and he said I could help myself.  There were two different styles and I wanted the black one with the Sex Bob-omb band logo on it, but they looked suspiciously girly to me.  I mean the XL looked like a medium.  The guy was like, "They're just fitted", but I'm pretty sure they were for chicks.  I went with the red shirt(cuz it will fit) that looks just like the movie poster.  It has the art from the poster on the front and then on back it has the tag line, "An epic tale of epic epicness."  They also had free hats, but I don't like hats, so free red shirt it was!


I gotta work a lot right now, so I probably won't be able to see the movie until next week sometime.  This Monday I finish work at 12pm, but Cody wants to see The Expendables, so I will probably go see that.  I'm saving the best for last.  I will be going back to Cranbrook on the 19th and the plan is for me and Willie to catch it when I'm back, but it all depends on if the theatre actually gets the movie.  Don't let me down Cranbrook!!

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