Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lake time

I made it back from Kootenay Lake and I didn't even have to burn my book to make a fire.  I forgot my lighter, so I couldn't light it anyway.  We got there on Friday and didn't do much but hang around and take the boat out for a quick spin.  After dinner we took the over to Balfour to fill it up with gas and some ice cream, because they have better ice cream than the Crawford Bay side.  On the bulletin board they had a poster for the Balfour squawfish derby on Sept 5th.  Don't miss it!

On Saturday we took the boat over to Pilot Bay and we walked back on the trail around by Sawmill Bay.  I've always seen the trail head on the way to my parent's place, but haven't walked on it.  Pilot Bay had a lot of sail boats in it.

Looks like a nice beach right?  Wrong!  It isn't sand, it's sawdust.  I'll take a wild guess that it's called Sawmill Bay because at one time there was a sawmill there.  The one side bay is all saw dust and it's super spongy walking on.  It must be pretty deep too or else it would've blown or floated away by now and it's already been there a long time.  The trail around it is a nice trail, one steep section, but it's wide, not very long and easy walking.

Later that day we went to the Gray Creek Store and it is nowhere near as cool as I remember.  We also drove in Riondel and got bread at the store.  On the bulletin board there there was a notice about a lost kite.

On Sunday we walked up to the lighthouse.  The trail is right up behind my parent's place and it takes about 5 minutes to get there.  You can go inside and climb all the way to the top and go outside.

After the lighthouse me, my mom and my sister went into Crawford Bay because they have a "market" on Sundays.  It wasn't very big, but if you love home made soap, incense, hand made jewelry and chakra crystals then you will love it.  Some guy was there with home made organic bread and giving out free samples, so we got a loaf of rye bread.  It was a small loaf, but I swear it must weigh nearly ten pounds.  It's the heaviest loaf of bread I've ever seen, or carried.  You could beat someone into a coma with it.

Then we went and checked out a few artisans.  At the glass place they had really cool hand blown glasses that would be awesome for chocolate milk.  I checked the price and it was $48 for a single glass.  Excuse me...WHAT?!  I thought the pottery place might be cheaper so I went over there and they had these awesome cereal bowls for only $32.  HUH?!  I thought hippies were supposed to be non-materialistic so what's with all these crazy prices?  The girl's tangled/knotted hair at the pottery place looked like hadn't seen water let alone soap in about five years, so I know she's not spending all that money on fancy hair care products.  I felt I should get something so I just bought a bar of lemon grass ginger soap in the shape of Buddha and a ceramic peace sign fridge magnet. 

Crawford Bay also had a new school and it's pretty damn nice.  The inside is all timber framed and it's "green" too.  It collects and reuses rain water for stuff.  It has a cafeteria that does hot lunches, vegetarian of course.  It cost $12.7 million and they might have to close it now.  They are just figuring out that they might not have enough students.  Your tax dollars hard at work!

We came back Sunday afternoon and then I sat on the couch and watched Bandslam on Movie Channel.  I'm still sick, maybe one day I'll get over it.  I'm not sure what I'm doing on Monday, but Monday night Willie and I will be going to watch Scott Pilgrim Vs the World.


mike said...

We bought a broom at the broom shop, I won't tell you how much it was, suffice to say I was cleaned-out..

When we were there half the shops were closed with 'went to shambala' signs hanging on the door; darn hippies.

Keef said...

I forgot to mention that on Sunday over at the Balfour ferry landing some nutjob jumped the second level of the ferry as it pulling out. I guess everyone freaked yelling "Man overboard!". The ferry stopped and dropped the life raft and caught the guy as he was climbing onto the dock.

They should've kicked his ass and then threw him back in the lake. The ferries were delayed and stuff and it messed everything up. Way to go moron!

mike said...

maybe he wanted to feed the ducks? or get some more ice cream?

Cam said...

Or he was having a crazy acid trip maybe?