Friday, August 13, 2010

More kittenz!!1!

Most stores like Zellers and Wal-Mart have the poster racks where you can flip through plastic displays of posters and the pick the rolled poster you want from shelving below.  At the Superstore we used to have this, but no more!  It all got thrown out today and all the left over posters got dropped in the lunch room for employees to take.  Most of them were lame Twilight posters with a few Wolverine, Transformers and hockey posters also in there.  They had a Toy Story aliens poster, but somebody snagged it before I could get there.  Cody happened to be there when the display was getting torn down and thrown out, so he grabbed a bunch of the display posters including this one.

At the top it says "Purr-fect Angel"

He grabbed the tackiest and cheeiest ones he could find.   He also got an iCarly one and one with puppies on it.  Cody kept the puppies and gave me the kitten poster.   

That picture is funny just because of the Chuck Norris poster in the background.  Chuck Norris + kittens = the most awesome combination known to man!

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