Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 3

Didn't do much because we went skiing at Fairmont and I made it back without any broken limbs.  The weather was really nice, sunny and -3C, so perfect weather.  I forgot it was Family Day long weekend in Alberta, so  the parking lot was all full of Alberta license plates.  I didn't go for a full day, only a half day which is good because it's expensive!  A full day pass at Fairmont costs $39, which is pretty steep considering it takes longer to ride up the lift than it does to ski down.  Since it was busy and there were lines, it takes twice as long.   They only have one triple chair too.

I only made five runs on the chairlift and then spent another hour over on the platter lift with Avery.  He can't ride up by himself yet, so he had to ride up between my legs.  A platter lift is a lift for one and the disc shaped "platter" just goes between your legs and pulls you up.  Since Avery is so short the platter was like down behind my knees.  After a while it was starting to hurt and the steeper it got the more painful it was.  We would just go halfway up and ski down.  I would've taken him farther up, but near the top it got steep and the back of my knees/legs wouldn't be able to take it.

I did okay for not being on a pair of skis in 12 years.  I was pretty good on the groomed stuff, but when I went on the one black diamond run they had things got a little sketchy.  It didn't help that I was using a pair of brother's skis that are more for racing, they're pretty stiff.  Despite that I was probably better than most people up there.  They all got the good equipment and fancy gear, but aren't that great.  Posers!  I was in line behind some guy and he was all bragging to his girlfriend how awesome his skis carve and stuff and then I see him go down and he's no better than me.  Funny thing is that a lot people wear helmets now, but maybe if they didn't suck so much they wouldn't need them.

Also, Mike my old skis wouldn't have looked that out of place at the ski hill.  I saw some guy with the exact same pair and in the parking lot I saw some people with equipment I would've made fun of 15 years ago.  Speaking of vintage equipment, check this out.

Those are my skis poles and the Komperdell pole (left) is probably about 20 years old.  The Scott one is maybe 18 years old and I got it in Mt. Hood, Oregon.  I had broken the matching pole of each pair, so I made just a new pair out of the leftovers.  Recycle!

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