Friday, February 25, 2011

Stickers!! again...

On one of my past trips to Cranbrook I found a photo album that had some old stickers in it.  I did a post about it and Mike said something about wanting to see old skateboard stickers.  Well Mike, it looks like Christmas came early, but mostly likely late, but either way your wish just came true.

Just like I said they are in a Nike shoebox.  The Panaracer sticker on the top was from an uncut sticker sheet I got in a mountain bike magazine.  I totally cut it up.

The inside of the box with a old school Burton sticker right on the top.  It is kinda scuffed up which sucks.  If I ever see Jeff I should give it to him.

The Supersuckers was free with a Sup Pop order, I hope the Sup Pop logo was too, but I can't remember.  I paid for the Nirvana one.

Assorted Powell Peralta stickers.  I have the Public Domain sticker and still have the actually movie somewhere.  My favorite part of the movie is the free skate session with Ray Barbee, his sticker is right beside it.  I found some guy selling the Barbee sticker on eBay for $25!  I would totally let mine for a measly $20.  My brother had the Caballero deck with that Dragon design on it.

I like Vans one even though it's pink.

The "skate" zone sticker is actually a Powell Peralta sticker.  The Gouge sticker is so shiny you can see my reflection in the lettering.

I still like the big smiley T&C sticker.  I think Free-Wheelin is still around in Calgary too.  The yellow sticker with skeleton is from Ultra Designs, I think they were a skate company.

A few ski and snowboard stickers.

Misc stickers including the Onza one which came with a pair of bar ends.  The Air Time sticker I can't even remember what it is, maybe snowboards?  Awesome Keith name stickers and a KZZU sticker.  I don't even remember where I got it because I didn't listen to KZZU, I think maybe I got it from Cam.

That was most of them, but not all, just the good ones.   It's good to know that some of them might even worth a few bucks if I need some cash.  $25 for Barbee!  I thought I had a "Be Aware, Ski With Care" sticker, but it wasn't in there.  I hope I do and it's just hiding somewhere else, those were cool. 
 I also have a big Atomic Skis sticker, but it's one of the weird ones you stick and rub or something and it peels off leaving each individual letter on the surface.  There was also some safety stickers about a seat belts and a couple reflective drinking and driving stickers.  If it came in sticker form and it was free I would take it.  I only paid for the good stuff.

That reminds me of another sticker related story.  In high school they had the phone students could use for local calls, Mike and Cam you know where it was.  Anyway, I would call toll free phone numbers from ski and mountain bike magazines looking to get free stuff like stickers.  It didn't always work, but sometimes it did.  I got a free Power Bar sample and a sticker this way.  The sticker is stuck on my metal water bottle container and this was back in the day before metal water bottle containers were cool.   Sometimes I get tired of being so rad.


Cam said...

Oh man, I remember going through skate magazines and writing letters to companies saying I had a bunch of their products and they should send me free stickers. Sometimes it worked, but I'm pretty sure I spent more on stamps to the US than the value of any stickers I got. I think that's where our Ultra Shapes stickers came from, I think they made hoodies and 'skate clothes'.

I also have a shoebox of stickers with many of the same, hi-five sticker buddy! o/\o

Keef said...

Back then the only thing better than getting mail was getting mail with stickers in it. Of course a lot of those places wanted you to put in $1 for shipping or whatever. I didn't think a Canadian $1 would cut it, so sometimes you just had to hope for the best. As long as you got something I suppose it was better than nothing.

Also, I just figured out what o/\o looks like. Ha!

mike said...

I remember you guys said to write them like; 'Since you're such a big successful awesome company I'm sure you can spare some measly stickers'.., I had my first letter written and then Mom read it and made me change it to; 'I really like your products, would you be able to send me some stickers.' I think that's why you got more stickers than I did.

Keef said...

That right Mike, the only way to get ahead in life and get what you want is to LIE.

snowboard_museum Dotca said...

do you still have that burton snowboard shaped sticker ? contact me please either way