Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm back in Cranbrook!  I drove back today and will be here until Tuesday.  I guess this weekend is the Family Day long weekend in Alberta, but I didn't know that or plan it accordingly.

I drove back the south way and the roads were nice and dry all the way to the AB/BC border then they went downhill.  They kept getting worse the closer you got Fernie and I swear after the ski hill turn off it's like they just quit maintaining the roads at all.  Some sections you couldn't even see pavement, they weren't plowed, just packed snow and they weren't even sanded.  Then you hit the tunnel and suddenly the roads are plowed, you can see the pavement and eventually it's back to bare roads.  It's like an invisible line at the tunnel with roads on the Fernie side being crap and roads on the other being fine.  It's always like this, I don't get it.

I only stopped at place in Cranbrook and that was Liquidation World or as the cool kids call it "LW".  They even have a website now.  I bought the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 2CD soundtrack for only $2.50.  They had a bunch of other CDs for $2.50, but a few I was on  the fence about because I'd never heard of them.  I looked a couple up and might pick them up when I drag Willie there on Saturday.  Yeah, Willie!  Willie sayd I will finely be meeting Shilo.  Yeah, I've never met her as she is always "out of town" or "at work" and I was beginning to wonder is she was just a figment of Willie's imagination.  He's finally lost it!  Other than that not much planned except for going to at least one hockey game and skiing in Fairmont on Sunday.  Hopefully I won't break my legs at Fairmont, I am very out of shape.  I will let you know what happens.


mike said...

I would wager that the magical line has more to do with road contractor boundaries vs. metaphysics.

Are you going to break out your 1990 Skis? That's almost as bad as digging your bike out for a ride..

Keef said...

The stupid thing is that after Fernie I actually saw a plow truck driving down the road doing nothing. I was like "Dude WTH! The road looks like crap, try putting your plow down!" He must've been "on break".

People will laugh at my old school skis. Haha, those skis are straight! Everybody has parabolic skis now, that's why I'll take my brothers.

Also, my bike isn't that bad, it's only like 7 years old, but it's in mint condition. KHS!

mike said...

The plow guy was probably heading home to do his driveway.

Last time we were down visiting in Oliver we went up to the Mt.Baldy ski hill, the ski lodge smell of sweat, ski boots, and hot chocolate made me miss skiing.