Thursday, February 10, 2011

I love it when a plan comes together.

We literally have a pile of empty pop cans, juice bottles, etc sitting in our basement.  The one corner is filled and pretty hard to navigate especially since the light is broken.  We started just throwing our empty cans/bottles/jugs in with the regular recycling just so it wouldn't accumulate in the basement.   Cody wanted to take some in to the bottle depot, so this morning we loaded up his car.  It was so full that if you opened the door stuff would fall out.  We still have another full load in the basement, but it already looks cleaner.  We got $68 for the bottles and even though Cody thought the lady at the cash register screwed up it doesn't matter because we cleaned up some of the mess and got some cash out of it.

I know you probably don't care about that because it's boring, but that was just the lead in for the real story here.  Check out what we saw on the way to the bottle depot.

The funny thing is that is parked just off 45th St SW, a main road by our place and I drive on it a few times a week, but I never spotted this van until today.  It's cool, but in a funny way.  It would cool, in a cool way if the paint job wasn't so fugly.  I wonder if the owner drives it around dressed as a member of the A-Team? 


WiLL said...

Oh man, I'd drive that Van! I'd also, on occasion, dress up as either B.A. or Face.

Keef said...

Aren't you a little too white to be B.A.?