Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Go Green

Everybody tries to be more "green" now and one of the big things are reusable shopping bags.  Superstore has always charged for plastic bags, but more places are doing the same, like Ikea, in an effort to encourage customers to bring their own bags.  Of course all major retailers have their own branded reusable shopping bags for sale.  Superstore also has these, but they so small there are pretty useless.  I bought a reusable bag from the Chinese supermarket T&T and their bag can hold two Superstore bags.  Plus it folds up and snaps into a little pouch when you aren't using it.  It's still not only major retailers doing this, but also little stores.

Elaine gave me this bag (Thanks Lainey) from Chicken on the Way.  I've never actually eaten there, although I've always said I would try it one day.  It's just a local chain of one store down on the corner of Kensington Rd and 14th St NW.  I'm just picky and don't like eating stuff with bones in it and that goes for fried chicken, chicken wings and ribs.  I can still carry the bag around and pretend I've eaten there so people will think I'm some cool hipster.  But really I wanted the black bag!

Here's a fun fact, "green" reusable shopping bags are actually worse for the environment than plastic bags.  I saw a thing on TV and it said that a plastic bag will break down faster in a landfill because it's thinner than the thicker heavier reusable bag.  So remember not to throw out your reusable bags, just burn them instead!  Go green!

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