Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 5

I should've started last Thursday off as Day 1 since that was the first I was back in Cranbrook, so now my whole numbering system is messed up.  Day 5 should be Day 6, but since I never wrote anything yesterday then Day 6 should be Day 7.  Anyway, I'm back in Calgary.

The drive was pretty lame with road conditions that varied from good to holy-crap-I'm-dead.  The weather was good in Cranbrook the whole time I was there and then I get up to drive back on Tuesday and it's snowing.  The worst was just after the Crowsnest Pass where it was windy and snowing really hard.  With the blowing snowing you could barely see the road and the car in front of you and then a semi-trailer would drive on the other side of the road and all you could see was white.  It was scary.  I survived and made it back to Calgary, so I could go back to work bright and early Wednesday morning at 6am.  Yeah???

I brought back a couple things for future blog posts, so stay tuned.  I guarantee that they will be at least mildly interesting, but don't get your hopes up.

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