Saturday, August 13, 2011

Am I cool yet?

Because look I got a cell phone!

I know I'm not cool because that phone wasn't even cool when I got it almost six years ago.  That is my OLD phone my dad bought me when I started working in Airdrie because he thought I needed a phone because I would be driving a lot.  It was "pay as you go", so I just bought air time as I needed it.  Turns out I never needed it, so I didn't use it much.  I think I texted Cam twice.  When I quit working at Airdrie I quit using the phone, so I quit putting money on it.  Eventually, the number lapsed because I didn't use it, but Telus gave it back to me for free just because they are so nice.  Then later I went to add money to it, but I couldn't remember my PIN, so I couldn't add the money and that was that.  I'm assuming the number lapsed again, but whatever.

I just started using it again because it makes a pretty good alarm clock.  When it goes off in the morning I don't have to reach all the way over to my actual alarm clock I just reach down beside my bed for the phone.  Sometimes I just put the phone right beside me on my bed.  It's loud, but I just roll over and turn it off.  Plus I can program in different alarm times and just pick what time I need to get up when I go to bed. That is nice if my schedule is different day to day, so I don't have to manually change my alarm every night like a chump.  I wonder if the iPhone has an alarm on it?

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