Monday, August 1, 2011

Back in business (sort of)

A while ago I wrote about my old Bruce Lee clone website, BRUCEPLOITATION, disappearing off the web as Yahoo shut down Geocities.  I attempted to keep it going by starting a BRUCEPLOITATION blog, but that didn't pan out too well.  As usual I got lazy and didn't really update it at all except for a few times.  I have movies, DVDs, and toys to write about, I just find it hard to do.  I even wrote a DVD review, but never posted it.  I was going to add some screen captures, but my lap top won't do that and I'm too lazy to go down to the basement computer to do it.  You see my dilemma?

I got an e-mail from an old Bruceploitation reader who informed me that the old website was not dead, but still around!  Turns out the entire Geocities network was archived and BRUCEPLOITATION right along with it.  I was browsing around the site checking it out because it had been a while since I've seen it like that.  I forgot how bad it looks, but I only took one HTML web course and that was back in 1997, so it's not entirely my fault.  I also got an "Incomplete" in that class, so it's not like I passed.  I'm not sure why because I handed in the final assignment!  So the website is not very flashy, but it has some decent content and (I think) it is pretty easy to navigate.  You could go check it out and get all nostalgic, but don't!  I was reading some stuff there and noticed a few spelling and grammatical mistakes and it's driving me crazy because I can't fix them!  If you read my blog then you are probably wondering why I'm getting so worked up about spelling and grammar, but hey you gotta start sometime.

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