Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Art Fart

Get ready to feast your eyes on the complete collection of my spin art series.  Comment if you see one you like because you'll probably end up getting one that I don't like.

I call this one "Number 7"
This one is called "????!!!!!"

This one is titled "Keep trying"

This one is called "Barf"

I call this one "Fail"

This one is titled "Splat"

This is a "Disappointment"

I call this one "It'll do"

This one is "Why doesn't this look like the ones on the box?"

This is a "Headache"

I call this one "Reject"

This is titled "Try Again"

I call this one "Dave"
This one is called "These all look lame, I just don't care anymore"

This is "Pink + Black = Lame"
This is called "The one Cam gets"

This is called "Why can't I ever do anything right?!"
This is titled "Thank God, the last one!"


Cara said...

Wonderful collection. I personally like "Number 7" and would like to reserve it, if possible.

mike said...

In order of rad(d)ness;
-"Keep trying"
-"Why can't I ever do anything right?!"

Keith, I will try my hardest to get one of these up in the baby's room if you send it.. you have to write the name and then sign it on the bottom corner though..

Keef said...

Cara - Done!

Mike - Also done! Although, if your child develops violent outbursts at the mere sight of Spin Art I cannot be held responsible.

Cam said...

Mike, you are an art hoarder. In addition to 'The one Cam gets', I am a fan of 'Splat'.

I am not going to be in Cranbrook next week, I'll be back in Kelowna workin' like a chump. Feel free to visit my parents, I think they'll be home.

Keef said...

Cam, Mike just knows good art when he see it.

I dropped crap off at your parent's place last time I was back and will be unloading the Spin Art there when I get back.