Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Look to the stars

A couple weeks ago I went to Chinook Hobby West which sells toys, die cast cars, models and train stuff.   If you go upstairs they have a clearance section which I know you've heard about before because that's where I bought my Go-Bots Spa-C model kit.

In addition to models, die cast cars and train crap in the clearance section they also have have all kinds of craft and hobby kits.  The kits are totally old school and some of then look like they are from the 70's.  They have stuff like a rock polisher, bird house kit, macrame, decoupage, chemistry sets, painting kits and all sorts of retro stuff including the official Halley's Comet watching kit! 

All I need now is a time machine, so I can go back in time to 1985 to use it!

I actually picked this up for Avery because when you are four year old, binoculars are awesome.  It was only $4.99, so if it gets broken, and it will, it's no big deal.  In addition to the binoculars there is also a "Return of Halley's Comet" booklet, a Halley's Comet map and log book.  I love how it says "Get 7 times closer" on the box like it's going to look like it's right in front of you!  Anyway, if Avery takes good care of it he can get some use out of it in 2061.


mike said...

I see many nights of Avery sitting in the backyard waiting for Halleys comet :( Maybe you could see it on utube first..

7 times closer!

Keef said...

Well if he stares up at the stars long enough after a while he's bound to see something cool, Halley's Comet or not.

Cam and Cara said...

Hey this is completely unrelated, but we went all the way to Scotland to make this video for YOU. You better appreciate it!


Keef said...

I thought you guys were going to London too? There had better be some riot footage.