Monday, August 29, 2011

Now what?

Hey!  I made it back to Cranbrook on Thursday in time for dinner.  The drive wasn't too bad and they FINALLY finished the bridge loop in the Crowsnest Pass.  The billboard says "Completed Fall 2010", but it still wasn't done last time I came home in June.  Your tax dollars at work!  Friday I didn't do much except buy a nifty magnet from the thrift store.  After my parents finished work we went over to Kootenay Lake with Logan and Avery.  The weather was nice and sunny and by Sunday afternoon when we came back my pasty white skin was a nice bright red.   It's not sunburned, just VERY red.

My dad bought Logan this little plastic kayak and I thought I would give it a try except I was a little bit over the weight limit.  You just sit on top of it in a little indented seat, you didn't actually sit inside it.  When I was inside it, the thing sat so low in the water you almost couldn't see it.  I decided it would be better if I didn't give it a try.

I'm back in Cranbrook and now have nothing really to do for the next five days.  I'll try to meet up with Willie and I need to drop off some Spin Art, but that's it.  Maybe I go to the new Wendy's and sit outside and wait for it to open.  What else is there to do in Cranbrook?


mike said...

Go to the dustbowls, or barneys banks, or moose creek loop?

I think Willie's truck is broken right now, because he's riding his bike everywhere.. I picture him riding the pink/white/blue Norco with a power ranger on the handlebars but maybe he got a new one in the last 15 years.

Keef said...

I walked up to the ski/bike trails behind my parents. It sucks because they did some logging back behind there, so it doesn't look the way you remember it does.

The fuel pump is gone on the Jimmy, so Willie has to ride Shilo's bike to work. The exercise is good for him. He works overnights at Superstore, so I don't think traffic will be too bad at midnight.

mike said...

He should go by our house and get my Timberline.. It's hanging in the garage. I think it still has the vetta computer and everything..