Thursday, August 18, 2011


A little while ago I went and bought myself a second Nintendo Game Boy Micro system.  The Micro was the last iteration of the Game Boy Advance system and didn't last long due to been launched only months away from the Nintendo DS.  Still it was a great handheld with a good library of games, small compact design, and bright display.

What a Game Boy Micro might look like.

I went and bought a second system because my first Micro was the Japanese limited editon version celebrating Mario's 20th anniversary.  I didn't want to end up getting it all dirty and whatnot (I'm OCD like that) so I bought a back up.  I got this one used on eBay and while it came with a USB charger, it didn't have a wall charger.  I had been using the USB charger, but decided to pick up a wall charger for it on eBay because a new one would only cost $3 and that included the charger plus shipping from China.

I finally got around to using the wall charger the other day and when I plugged in sparks were flying and there was a loud popping noise.  Luckily I survived, but more importantly so did my Micro.  Of course my cheapo charging cord from China was toast.  Damn you China!

Now I have phobia of plugging things into electrical sockets.


mike said...

$3 for the charger and shipping?

Shipping from China has to be more than $3, so they paid you to take the charger.. Maybe they tried plugging it in too?

Plus how many things have you plugged in since you were born? And this is the first to explode into sparks; I like those odds..

Keef said...

Yeah, it was $3 total for the charger AND shipping. That was one of the reasons I got it because it was so cheap. I guess I got what I paid for.

Now I don't plug things in and I don't light barbeques.