Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Well, I didn't have to wait because the new Wendy's is already open.  Like any new thing in Cranbrook everyone has to try it out, so it's been pretty busy.  I guess line ups have been out the door.  Other than not much going on here.  I'm just being lazy, so lazy in fact I've hardly even played my new 3DS I just bought.  I managed to drop off the Spin Art and I'm supposed to be meeting Willie this afternoon.  He says he'll be ready at 2pm, but we'll see.  I'm a bit doubtful.  The weather has been nice, but today it's cloudy and a bit cold.  I had to put on socks and pants.  As usual I was going through one of my many boxes of crap in the basement when I found this.

My old letter from when I won the Nirvana Aneurysm CD single from YTV News.  I like how Exan signed the exclamation point with a heart.  I'll pretend she only did that to my letter.  Haha, Cam!


Cam said...

Front page of the Townsman: SQUARE BURGER MANIA SWEEPS THROUGH CITY! Oh Cranbrook, you lovable scamps.

Also, I don't remember who Exan was, you and Willie were the superfans. I only remember Janis Mackey and PJ Phil off the top of my head.

Keef said...

PJ Jazzy Jan is now a reporter for CTV. You'll see her reporting from places like Iraq and the mddle East. The other old YTV guy, Paul, is a host on CMT now. One day I was flipping through and went by CMT to see Paul and Phil on! What does Phil know about country music, he's not even white?