Saturday, August 20, 2011

Free towel #1

I came home on Friday to find that I received one of free towels from General Mills already.  That was pretty fast considering it had said 8-10 weeks for delivery.  For some reason it was sent Fed Ex ground which seems pretty expensive for something that is free.

I opened the package and saw that I got the Lucky Charms towel.  And it sucks!  Yes, the towel looks cool, but that is about it.  The fabric is so thin and cheap, I could probably rip it in half.  Some sections of the towel you can almost see right through.  I'm not sure how good this would work at drying you off if you are wet, but it would probably dry out pretty fast.  It's like they used the same threat count as a hand towel, but enlarged the size to beach towel.  I am disappointed!  I am so glad that it was free.  Maybe if they didn't spend so much money on sending the towels Fed Ex they could've been better quality.

Useless as a towel, maybe it might make a better cape?

Update:  After work today I came home and threw my laundry in the wash, but forgot I had my crummy Lucky Charms towel in my basket.  When I took my stuff out of the washer all my colours had little white bits stuck all over them because my cheap towel had shed in the wash.  I put them in the dryer and hoped they would come off.  When it was done there was literally a pound of lint in the lint trap and it was all white.  Most of the white bits came out, but I had to throw a few items (mostly black ones) back into the wash in hopes the remaining white pieces would wash off.  Also, the towel looks a lot smaller now.

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