Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas is over

I made it back to Calgary and the drive wasn't actually too bad.  I drove the south route and the roads were good and weren't as busy as I was expecting.  I got home and unpacked all my goodies, downloaded the latest episodes of Kamen Rider Wizard and Tokumei Sentai Go-Buster and then watched my Blu-ray of The Expendables 2 which I got for X-mas.  I haven't played BF3 in over a week, so I was having withdrawals from guns & explosions.

After Boxing Day I didn't do too much.  I went tobogganing one day and any time Avery came up to the house he wants to either play Monopoly or play hockey.  We got a net and stuff set up outside, so I was out there a few times playing around.  On Friday afternoon I went over to Scarff HQ to say hi and Willie came over too.  Don't feel too bad for Willie about his marriage not working out because he already has a girlfriend.  Damn, he's so smooth.  Teach me, bro!  He brought Cheryl over, so we all met her and she seems cool even if she doesn't know when the hockey game is.  I did know what day the hockey game, so I went Friday night.  The Ice lost, but it was good game which they should've won.  At the game I saw Shane and Brad Patterson as well as Mike Detta.

My sister and I got my mom a new deep freeze because the old one is beat to hell.  The new one is a stand up freezer, so it will take up less space.  The area where it goes is up against a concrete wall in the basement and my brother says that's why it's cold down there because it's not insulated.  We pulled everything out of there which meant I had to take all my boxes off this giant shelving system so we could pull it out and my brother could put in a wall, insulate it and then dry wall it.  He also had to tear down some old cabinets to do it.  I looked in a couple of my boxes as I was taking them out and found some old treasures and more pictures.  Yep, get ready for more pictures of pictures.  But not yet...

I was looking in a box and found some old report cards from Parkland and Mt. Baker, but you aren't seeing those cuz I'm a dummy.  I also found a bunch of McDonald's gift certificates.

Coupons for free cookies, triple thick shake, regular fries, regular hamburger and hot cakes.  Sounds awesome until I read the back of the gift certificates.

Expires 1981!  Damn, that's old, so I guess it's not good anymore.  We have some pictures at home of me having a birthday in that room at the back of McDonald's.  I'm guessing I also got these birthday treat coupons as part of the deal.  I would try and redeem them, but I think McDonald's stopped selling cookies twenty years ago.  My next birthday party is going to be at Arby's.


mike said...

1981!? I was 3, I could've had cookies..

Cam said...

FYI Mike, you didn't turn three until 1982. Also, you were adopted. This seems like the right way to tell you.

Keef said...

Hey Mike, you being adopted might explain why are you are so much cooler than Cam.