Thursday, December 20, 2012


While visiting Liquidation World aka LW aka LDub I found the Holiday Gift Pack from Jones Soda among their awesome deals.  I knew it would be a good Christmas related blog post, but it's regular soda, not diet, so I'm not supposed to drink it.  No problem I can just make Cody drink it!

The Holiday Gift Pack contains four different Christmas themed sodas, Candy Cane, Sugar Plum, Pear Tree and Gingerbread.  What no turkey?  I do think they do or did a turkey soda once for Thanksgiving though.

Cody drank them and I asked him what he thought about each flavour, if he would drink it again and to pick the best and worst.

Sugar Plum: It's okay, similar to cream soda.
Would you drink it again: Yes

Candy Cane: Smells like mouthwash. Not as bad as I was expecting.  The first few sips aren't bad, but then it turns nasty.
Would you drink it again: No

Pear Tree: It was okay.
Would you drink it again: Yes

Gingerbread: Smells like gingerbread and tastes like a combination of root beer and cream soda.
Would you drink it again: No

The best: Sugar Plum
The worst: Candy Cane

Cody said they all tasted a bit like cream soda and I'm not big fan of cream soda, so it looks like I dodged the bullet with not having to drink any of these holiday drinks.  I can tell you I would not want to drink the candy cane soda based on the picture on the label alone.  It's creepy.

"He sees you when you're sleeping"

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Cody said...

The creepy Santa face is a big indication of the awfulness that you are about to taste.