Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I want (more) candy!

I went back to Gummi Boutique today to pick up a few more last minute Christmas gifts.  I wanted to get some crazy soda flavors.  Some of them are crazy and some of them just have crazy names for drinks that aren't so crazy.

Now these ones are crazy!  The PB&J soda is for Avery and Matt gets even more bacon goodness with the bacon soda.  Haha, there is an old man on the label!

My sister gets Kitty Piddle and Logan gets Zombie Brain Juice.  These ones sound crazy, but the zombie one is just strawberry orange and the cat pee one is orange pineapple, so they're not that crazy.

I was kinda bummed because they don't have any of those flavours in diet/sugar free which is totally unfair.  I still got my sugar fix with gummy versions of Gumby and Pokey.  I also asked about sour alien heads and they didn't carry them either.  Lame.

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