Saturday, December 22, 2012

Makit a Merry Christmas

Last Saturday while I was checking out Candylicious I was also checking out Chinook Hobby West for some Christmas themed Makit & Bakit kits.  I went for the fancy licensed sets and got a Disney Christmas themed kit. 

They had all the sets shown on the package; Pluto, Noel Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Santa Mickey, Daisy, Uncle Scrooge and Mistletoe Minnie.  As you can see I got the Donald kit, but if you were really ambitious and enjoy inhale plastic fumes, they had a box set which contained all the kits.  That is a lot of making and baking.  The package had a copyright date of 1981 which official makes it "old school".


Why did they give me such a big bag for the black and light blue pellets?  I think I only used like ten black pellets, it seems like a waste.  Donald had some pretty "technical" parts on him as some of the areas/gaps to fill were pretty small.  Damn it, it is too hard!

The finished product turned out pretty good with only one bubble in it and no cracks.  I did use too many white pellets on his hand, but it's not too bad.  I will actually keep this kit and take it home with me to Cranbrook and hang it on the Christmas tree.  "Mom, look what I made all by myself!"

The back of the package had the instructions which I actually followed this time.  I watched the time and it didn't leave in too long unlike last time.  The back also showed a bunch of different kits that are, or were available.

I wanna make the crocodile one and a rainbow one!  Also, next year for Hanukkah I want to make a Jewish Makit kit.

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