Monday, September 22, 2014

Cam is gonna kill me!

I found a couple more pictures and I couldn't resist putting them up.  Sorry Cam.  Love that hat btw.

As insane as that shorts and hat combo is, those shoes are killer.

Say "Hello" to the cool kids.


Anonymous said...

Oh man, did I actually marry that guy?!?

Cam said...

...and that's why I don't wear hats anymore. Yep, it's too late now Cara - you're stuck with that dweeb.
Where was this? My memory is as poor as my fashion sense.

mike said...

Mom made those pants. The hat was all you though.

Keef said...

Cara, I bet you didn't know you married such a rad dude.

Cam, that was the car port at my grandparent's house!

Cam said...

Ah, that's where I thought it must be, but I didn't recognize. And Mike, I actually made those short pants myself in grade 8 lifeskills. Try not to be too jealous.

Mike said...

Those are the best pants you ever made.