Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Pizza Party!

I left work the other day and was hungry, so I stopped by Little Seizures because it's right on my way home.  They now have a large Hot-N-Ready pepperoni pizza for $7.50.  I totally got one.  Normally, I can force myself to eat a medium, but the large was too much.  What do I do with the leftovers?

My mom gave me this pizza container a long time ago and I finally got to use it.  It looks pretty straightforward, but it's not.  It has instructions!

The bottom of the container has dimples on it, but they are reverse dimples.  Why are they there?  I don't know, probably something to do with science.  Pizza science.

I was watching TV and saw a ad for Little Ceasars new Hot-N-Ready pepperoni pretzel crust pizza.  Sounds awesome, but can someone try it first and let me know how it is please?  I'm a bit gun shy as I tried the deep dish pizza and it was terrible.

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WiLLiE said...

Every once in awhile you just have to go with Pizza Hut. But Panago is the best in Cranny, I think. A close close second place goes to Dominoes, especially when they have good specials. Little Seizures, as you call it, I think is barely "pizza". They always get it for us after the last game of soccer as it's dirt cheap. I tried the deep dish and it was pretty good, I thought. It was terrible when heated up a few days later, unlike the rest of the pizza options in town which DO taste great when re-heated days later. Anyways, I worked with a guy on a show on the fourth and he wanted to try the pretzel pizza...I was gun shy about fake cheese sauce instead of regular pizza sauce. It was pretty good but quite salty, so they got the pretzel thing down. I didn't die, so you should totally try it.