Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Bad news bear

I made it back to Calgary and saw a bear on my way through the park.  He just strolled across the road and into the trees.  I could've got a real nice shot of him on the road, but I had to find my phone, turn it on, open the camera and zoom in a bit and by then he was just going down into the ditch.

I made it back home and managed to get half unpacked and then Cody brought out the camcorder, so we could check out what was on the tape I found.  Long story short, not what we were hoping for!  The tapes starts off with some South Star mountain biking, then goes into Attack of the Stingless Bees followed by Worst Movie Ever Made.  There is also some more mountain biking, GTing and some jackassery by me and Cody.  We really wanted Marionette Massacre and Psycho Killer Hermit Guy, but we were outta luck.

It's not all bad news though.  Next on Cody's project list is Attack of the Stingless Bees and then The Worst Movie Ever Made.  I should be able to make a totally rad mountain biking video as well.  I did bring back Reefer Madness 2 on VHS.

We watched RM2 and it was even more terrible than I remember, like painful terrible.  As I said, on the label it's 10 min and 15 secs long, but only 2 minutes of that is footage and the rest is credits and footage we reused from the original Reefer Madness.  After the movie there is all the raw footage we shot, credits and some goofing around during the fire alarm.  The raw footage will make it a lot easier to edit something together than the mess we had.

Again, the tape didn't have what we really wanted on it, but we can at least use some stuff off it.  Look for it coming soon!

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