Monday, September 29, 2014

Bianca Amor's Part 1 of many

Today Cody and I went to Bianca Amor's and I went home with a big bag of junk.  Cody almost got the assault rifle, but then he didn't.  I have a feeling he might be getting one for Christmas.   And maybe a pistol too.

I bought this because I need a new tac light for my assault rifle and judging by the picture on the box, this one looks to be perfect.  

It works better than I expected something from Bianca Amor's would.  A lot of stuff is just cheap Chinese crap.  It's pretty bright and when I shined it directly into Cody's eyes, he said he it hurt.  It's blinding and annoying, just like in Battlefield!  There is also a ring on the top that turns to adjust the beam and it has 22(!) different settings.

It's rechargeable and comes with a USB charging cable.

The battery is kinda weird, not sure where I could get a new one if anything happens to it.  Then again I never tried to find a battery like that.  I could always just buy a new flashlight as it was only nine bucks.

More from Bianca Amor's in the coming days.


mike said...

Now you can be a flashlight snob like me on;

Then we could argue about lumens..

Keef said...

The box says my flashlight is 180 lumens. I'm not sure if that is good or even correct. In more important news, Mike needs a new hobby.