Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Don't you forget about me

I have already mentioned this on the blog, but in case you missed it I am going to Cranbrook for a few days.  I leave tomorrow and will be coming back to Calgary on Tuesday.  I haven't been back to Cranbrook for an extended period of time since the beginning of March.  I wonder if it's changed much?  If it has, it's probably for the worst.

Anyway, I'm also reminding you that I still have Instagrump.   I bet you all forgot about that.  I have posted a couple pictures since returning from my vacation, but nothing too crazy...or interesting.  In addition to blog posts I'll try to do some Instagrumping when I'm back in Cranbrook.  And I'm still not using any filters.  Yet!

PS ~ Willie I'm coming for my stuff!!

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