Tuesday, September 16, 2014

You have been warned!

Cody and I went to the bottle depot a couple weeks ago and with our bottle cash in hand we hit the thrift store.  Our main goal was to get some props and supplies for a planned new video.  Not sure if this will materialize, but I sure hope so.  Anyway, we got at least one thing we need and two other things we didn't need.  I got an awesome Halloween lamp, more on that another time, and Cody got some TMNT stuff.

It was baggie with a weird TMNT gimmicky variant, a turtle cycle with no handlebars and a bunch of random weapons.  But it's not for babies!

If they are going to put this label on the toys, then they are going to have to put warning labels on pretty much everything in the thrift store.  A quarter of the stuff in a thrift store is random junk in baggies!  Most of the time I will buy a bag of crap just for one thing in the bag and throw the rest away.  Don't worry I always make sure it's out of reach of babies and children.

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