Thursday, September 18, 2014

Cats & Dogs

This morning I left for Cranbrook and on my way to fill up with gas I saw the cops had the other side of Richmond Road blocked off because somebody's dogs got loose and were just wandering down the middle of a busy two lane road.  One cop was out trying to chase them off the road while traffic was piling up behind him.  The two dogs ran off the road and the cops pulled into the next shopping area probably hoping to corral them and write the owners a big fat ticket.

I got my gas and was heading out of town and just past the lights at C.O.P. I saw a couple of dirty dread-locked hitch hikers.  They both were wearing huge backpacks which probably held all their earthly possessions, none of which included soap.  The funny part was that the girl had an orange tabby cat sitting on top of her pack.  The cat looked pretty mellow about the whole thing, it must be that second hand smoke.  They were talking to a car that pulled over, so I guess they were getting a ride.  I might pick up the cat, but only because he'd probably be cleaner than the people.

I got back in time for Chinese good and managed to sort through a couple boxes of junk too.  Here are the awesome pictures!!

I should totally get this laminated.

A single knee pad.  What happened to the other one?  I'm not sure.  I think Kristian may have lost it.

A James Bond book I may or may not have stole out of the Benny the Bookworm book donation bin when I first started working at Superstore.

I'll be rooting through boxes all weekend, so you can expect a whole more of this.  I'll try to spread out over to Instagrump.  Tomorrow I have proof that I started a photo trend by doing stuff way before it was cool.

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