Monday, September 22, 2014

Smokers are jokers

The past couple days have been pretty quiet, I haven't been doing much.  Monday afternoon I did meet up with Willie and I finally got my stuff!  He was originally going to just drop it off with my sister at the shop, but apparently he's super busy and Cranbrook is so big, that it just wasn't possible.  Anyway, five months later or whatever I finally got my shirt, CD and my $5 in change.  Sweet.

Since the thrift stores are closed on Monday, we still managed to hit up a couple places including our last stop at Aabco Pawn.  I still can't believe they are allowed to smoke in that place, it smells so bad.  Don't they have laws against that?  If you can put up with stench and browse the DVDs you'll find they are quite the bargain at only $2 each or 10 for $15.  Willie got four and I got six as well as a $5 blu-ray.  Not bad.  Jokes on them as I actually got 9 movies, all terrible ones!  The one movie was a set with four movies, but I only bought it for Cop and a Half.   As soon as I left I wanted to take a shower and my hands felt so disgusting after touching those grimly pawn shop DVD cases.  Ewwww.

Only the way home I managed to take a picture of the huge fireworks crate from the Gold Creek Market, formerly the Gold Creek Store.  It's a bit nicer in there now and they even have fresh produce from Fort Steele Farms.  I don't care about farm fresh beets, but if they got $650 crates of explosives that I could buy if I wanted, then they're all right by me.

Dear Santa...

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