Monday, October 12, 2015

Bug out

Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving and turkey, I know I didn't.  I was lazy and didn't have turkey of any kind, not even the crappy Hungry Man tv dinner like last year.

Cody went to Memory Express today to get a new keyboard, so he can kill guys better.  Since it was on the same street as Bianca Amor's, I don't have to tell you where else we went.

I got a pair of awesome digital camo gloves that were only $3!  The inside is nice and fuzzy, but the overall quality is pretty cheap.  I have a feeling they won't last half the winter, but you can't expect a whole lot for three dollars.  I plan on leaving them in my car anyway.  I also got a Japanese garden spider that's encased in acrylic(or something like that) for Avery.  Kids love bugs.

If you think thats all I got then you're in for a real treat, but you'll have to come back tomorrow night to read about it.  I'm not saying it's spectacular, but it's at least funny, or maybe amusing.  I'm sure Mike will like it out of pity.  He's cool like that.

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