Tuesday, October 13, 2015


While I was at Bianca Amor's on Monday I had to look around for more awesome bootleg Lego sets because I wanted to get Avery a "Lego" pistol kit for Christmas.  I did find one, the last one that I could see, that was cool, but they also had new stuff!

These are some cool Marvel Avengers rip off sets called Heroes Assemble.  There is a Nick Fury set, Hawkeye set, a Red Skull set, for some reason a Riddler one and there was actually another one, but I couldn't figure out who he was supposed to be.  I like these sets, but they pale in comparison to the new Star Wars rip off sets they had.


You know I bought just for the name alone and if you don't think it's funny, then just leave right now.  This is a total straight up rip off of the Lego Star Wars Microfighters.

This is a picture of the official Lego Microfighters X-Wing that I took right off the Lego website.  It's pretty much identical to the Star Wart box picture.  Let's put it together to see what it looks like.

Here we go!

They really make you work for this as the guy doesn't even have his arms or even hands put on.

The instructions weren't bad, pretty much as detailed as regular Lego instructions.  I did manage to assemble the whole thing.

The build quality is pretty solid, a lot sturdier than I expected.  Despite the plastic feeling a bit "different" than actual Lego, the pieces snapped together just fine.  Looks pretty good though.

Well, it wasn't 100% perfect as one of the pieces wasn't one of the pieces I needed to complete the set.  They used a clear piece with a hole on both sides to put the "rods" in that go on the end of wings.  I got one clear piece that had a cap on one end so I couldn't put the piece in.

Almost, but not quite.

Rebel scum!

I had few extra pieces left over, but unfortunately, not that one piece I actually needed.

You ain't gonna be very happy.

Collect the entire series!!

Again, they didn't make up stupid names for the ships or anything like that.  I'm tempted to go back for the TIE Interceptor and the Millenium Falcon, even just for the mini figures.

Bianca Amor's I love you!


mike said...

Some possible slogans;

'Star Warts; Contract them all'

'Star Warts; They're everywhere'

'Star Warts; Highly contagious'

'Star Warts; 98% complete'

Cam said...

"I went to Bianca Amor's and all I got were these Star Warts."

Those are pretty impressive knockoffs!

Keef said...

I like, "Star Warts, contract them all."

Cam - Those are pretty much exact copies of the real Lego kits. At least Space Wars wasn't a blatant rip off. They just made it look similar and changed some colours, but not out right copied it. They're classy like that.

mike said...

I hope you don't get any Star Warts at Christmas Keef,
remember to wash your hands.

Anonymous said...

We just bought the Lego Star Wart home today, it was a complete Wart😞

Anonymous said...

I also found this logo "Lago" instead of Lego. It almost fooled me.