Thursday, October 8, 2015


This morning I got up just after six and went downstairs and fired up the XBone to download the Star Wars Battlefront beta which is live today.  For whatever stupid reason it wasn't showing up in the store which was annoying.  I wanted to start downloading it, so it would be done when I got home later.  Luckily I only worked a half day, so when I came home at 12pm as soon as I came in the door I turned the Xbone back and and finally it was there.  I downloaded it.  I played it.  I died.  I died again.  And I died a whole lot more.

I played the Survival mission first just to get the feel of what to do and how it plays.  The game looks and sounds pretty awesome.  Survival only goes through the first five waves of enemies.  Then I tried to play Drop Zone and couldn't get into a match at all.  It couldn't find a game and once in a while when I did get into a lobby, once the match started I'd get kicked out with the message "Lost connection to EA servers."

So I that only left me with Walker Assault.  While the Hoth battle is an unforgettable part of the franchise, it seems just a little bit lopsided in the game.  In all the matches I played I think the Empire won them all except for one time.  They get the AT-ATs and AT-STs and the rebels don't even get tauntauns!  Even in the original Battlefront game you can ride tauntauns.  I'm just not a fan of the wide open map layout, I'm always getting killed from a guy a mile away I can't even see.

Again, playing as Rebel you always seem under the gun, getting blasted by AT-ATs or AT-STs any time you go out on open ground.  In a WTF moment, I did destroy an AT-AT with only my blaster, and I was using the pistol.  I only got 350 points for it, I think it should be more like 1000 points.

Most of my kills came from inside vehicles or turrets because I suck on foot.  I got to use the AT-AT which follows a set path, so you can't drive it, but you can control the direction of the head to blast the hell out of anything below you.  It can totally obliterate the enemy, I was just blasting straight inside a hangar where one of the objectives was and those poor fools didn't have a chance.  You only get a set time inside before you get sent back as infantry.

I also got to try the AT-ST which I admit I need more practice with.  Second time with it I did better and you can use until it gets destroyed or you bail out, there is no time limit.  I think, maybe I just get blowed up before the time limit expires.

I also flew a Snowspeeder and blew up a AT-ST by crashing into it.  It was my first time flying, so I wasn't exactly sure what to do and I was a little bit low and clipped the AT-ST blowing it up, but luckily I was still alive, but damaged.  I also got a Tie Fighter but flying up high up you can't get a good view of the ground, so I was doing low strafing runs.  Guess what happened?  I crashed, but at least I crashed into a guy on the ground and got points for the kill.  Later on I got to fly a X-Wing and tried to stay in the air and engage Ties which led to me being blown out the sky by said Ties.  Either way I blow up.

I'm hoping to get to try the Drop Zone mode as it's 8 vs 8, so it's smaller than Walker Assault which is 20 vs 20.  I think it's infantry only too which may or may not be a good thing.  If I'm feeling ambitious I'll try to record some game play footage.  The hard part is finding something where I do something cool and not getting killed.

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