Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Force Friday WIP

So the Star Wars Battlefront beta ended on Monday and I played a bit of it and I even recorded some footage.  I thought it would be easy, record a few clips, slap them together and upload to YouTube.  Of course when the clips are just me getting killed or running around trying not to be killed, it's not so fun to watch.  Plus the stupid XBone messed up some clips I already uploaded and they were corrupted, so I had to start all over again.

I originally uploaded 20 minutes clips of raw footage, but maybe that was too large.  I'm making smaller clips with edited footage in them I can just assemble them later.  I will get it finished eventually and then you'll get to see me do stuff like get killed(obviously), fly a X-Wing, fly a snowspeeder, blow crap up in a AT-ST and even kill somebody!  But mostly die.

Here are a couple quick screen shots...

Luckily, DICE really dumbed down the flying controls for Battlefront.  I can't fly anything in the Battlefield series, but I can stay in the air usually when I crash it's because I did it on purpose.

One of Cody's biggest complaints is that Luke shows up in the Hoth battle dressed in his black ROTJ gear.  Wrong colour light saber too.

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