Sunday, March 6, 2016

I'm seeing stars

Cody had heard rumours of a Carl's Jr opening near the North Hill Mall on 16th Ave NW for a while now.  Nothing panned out until recently he was informed it finally opened.  While Cody was in BC for Family Day I was over in that area getting something for my sister and drove by to see it first hand.  It was there and it was real!  We went over there last Friday to check it out.

Carl's Jr is on 16th Ave just across the street from SAIT.  It's actually where an Arby's used to be.  In fact I think I even posted a picture of the sign on here once upon a time or maybe it was on my long lost MySpace page??

Those cars you see on the right hand side of the picture, that is the parking lot...the entire parking lot.  The parking there sucks.

Low carb?  What is it, an empty box?

The overall verdict is that it's okay, but Smash Burger is better.  We got got Thick Burgers, which come in a 1/2lb or 1/3lb patty.  I got the 1/2lb El Diablo!  It has jalapeno poppers on top of the burger and then japalenos on the bottom of the burger.  It was too much jalapeno, it took away from the flavour of the burger.  

I would like to eat there again and I'm sure we will.  I'd also like to make sure to order waffle fries next time.  I didn't even notice they had waffle fries until after I placed my order.

More like drink like you mean it.  Am I right??

I also a got a large combo with mine, but only because I wanted large fries.  The drink was enormous, I only wish the fries were as large.

We are probably going to check out another food establishment that's been on our wish list for a long time.  

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