Saturday, March 12, 2016


This morning I went to Co-op to buy a few groceries and was in the cereal aisle because I ate all my Honey Nut Cheerios.  I bought two boxes of Frosted Flakes because...


A free personalized spoon obviously isn't going to be in the box, so you have to go online and enter two PIN codes and fill out the necessary information.  Something as rad as a personalized spoon is going to require two codes to get and it's totally worth it.

Once you have your codes head over to to being building your free custom spoon.

The first step is to pick which Kellogg's mascot you want on your spoon.  I went with Tony the Tiger.

Why is Chocovore even on here?  The cereal is good, but he's a terrible mascot.

Here is where you can put your name, nickname, alias, gamertag or whatever but it can't be over 11 letters and can't use numbers or special characters.  I was bummed because on the Frosted Flakes box it shows the spoon with a sentence on it, so I was excited thinking we can put all sorts of slogans and one liners on our spoons.  It was too good to be true.

I made my spoon with my name on it for starters.  Gotta start with the basics and after that if I get more codes then it's time to run wild.  Just so you know I'll probably be eating cereal everyday trying to get as many codes as I can.

The next step is to put in your two PIN codes which turned out to be way harder than it looks.  The codes printed on the inside of the box were a bit hard to read.  The first time I entered the code I put in what looked like a "O", but it came up as invalid, so then I used "0" which still was invalid.  Anyway, it was a "D", a horribly misshaped "D".  Use a better clearer printing method next time Kellogg's.

Now it's time to sit back and wait the 90 days to get my free spoon.  In case you are wondering the spoon is stainless steel, so its definitely worth it.  Get as many as you can!

Cody suggested getting spoons and putting Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, etc on them so you can have one for every day of the week.  Maybe on my second spoon I'll get something like Boogerman, Max Power or Boo-urns.  Unfortunately, Shiney McShine has too many characters.  I'm also open to suggestions!

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