Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Special K(eith)

I got some mail today!

It has got a Special K logo on it.  Can it be?  Has it been 6 - 8 weeks so soon?

The contents of the box are actually listed on the back of the box which helps if you are looking to steal one.  This may have happened to Cody because he entered his codes for his Vector tracker a couple weeks before I put in my codes and he hasn't received his yet.

The box don't lie, there was an activity tracker inside and some instructions if you are into those kinds of things.  Once out of the box you'll need to set it up with the time/date as well as your height, weight and stride length.  Once all that is entered you are all set and the activity tracker will measure speed, distance travelled, calories burned, active minutes and steps.  

Of course I'll just end up using it as a watch.

Or it'll get tossed in a drawer and forgotten.  It's too big and bulky and it's not very comfortable to wear.

The display lights up so you can check your calories burned while working out in the dark.  They really thought of everything.  Wow, I can't believe this was free!

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Cam said...

Make sure to max out your stride length so your walk from TV to fridge and back shows up as 1km.