Tuesday, March 1, 2016

You gotta break an egg to make a biscuit

A week after Christmas we already had Easter candy at work.  It's actually been out on the shelf for quite a while too(a week and half after Christmas) and Easter isn't even until March 27th.  If it's Easter time then that means Cadbury Creme Eggs.  This year they've done a few different things like introducing a new Oreo Creme Egg which is unfortunately not very good.  Another thing they've done is turned the Creme Egg into a cookie!

Another limited edition item, so stock up before it's too late!

It's still looks like the same inside just flatter.  These are pretty awesome, I'll just say they are actually better than the original Creme Egg.  I know Cara is egg prejudice, but if she doesn't like these than she is a lost cause.  


mike said...

I can't get through the new creme egg packaging... literally.

Keef said...

Let Eli do it.