Thursday, March 3, 2016

It's Nerf or nothing!

Thanks to the magic of social media and the internet I learned that Nerf had made some Star Wars themed blasters, but now all I had to do was find them.  I had been checking whenever I was at Wal-Mart, but never saw any.  Today I was at Toys'R'Us and I finally found some when I spotted the First Order Stormtrooper Blaster Rifle.

It looked pretty cool, it was big and came with a twelve dart clip, but unfortunately when I scanned at the price checker it came up at $56.  That is pretty expensive for something that won't ever be able to actually hit what you are aiming at.  They also had smaller slightly less expensive Han Solo blaster as well as a Rey blaster.

An exact replica of Han Solo's blaster, well except for the size and the fact that it's blue and orange and says Star Wars right on it, but other than that it's pretty close!

They also had

I wish it held more darts especially considering the price point.  I'm not sure what Nerf guns normally go for, but it seemed expensive for something that only comes with four darts.  As you can see the darts have a Star Wars logo on them, so if you lose any you are kinda screwed.  Some searching online shows you can buy refills, but I have feeling that would probably work out to cost as much as the gun.

Also, LOL at the tactical rail on the bottom of the gun!  That's in case Han wants to put a tact light or laser light on there.

The eyes and face are a no-no, the balls are a-ok!

What kind of trouble can I get into?

I did a quick search for "Star Wars Nerf" and it looks like there is also a Chewbacca Bowcaster and a small Imperial pistol out there as well.  Maybe if this stuff ever goes on sale, I might get another one.  I'd like the Imperial blaster pistol...because it's cheap.  Mike you better get Eli a couple of these!   

During my Google search I was looking at the images that came up and there is a picture of the Solo and Rey blaster that have been repainted to make them look more like the originals.  They look pretty cool!


mike said...

Haha, Eli doesn't have guns figured out yet, maybe in another few years. Although we were visiting friends and their kids are older and have nerf stuff - Eli was chasing them around the house with an empty gun.. lol

Keef said...

What better way to teach him proper gun safety? Teach him while he's young!