Monday, March 28, 2016

Starr Warz

Last week I did a rambling post and was talking about playing Star Wars Battlefront and some of my stats and at the time of my post my KDR was 1.12.  I played a little bit during the week, but honestly wasn't doing very good.  Then on last Friday night I play four or five matches and was absolutely on fire.  The first match I played I went 20-0 mostly playing as Han Solo and using his Lucky Shot to blast guys across the Hoth map.  I was still managing to go like 22-6 and 16-4 for some of my other matches.  Usually I don't play consistently well in consecutive matches, I guess I was playing some real noobs.  At the end of night my KDR went up to 1.23 which doesn't sound like much and it probably isn't to actually skilled players.

Since last time I posted I blew up 38 more vehicles and managed to kill myself only once.  

Since I did so good on Friday I was scared to play again because I knew there was no way I'd play that good again.  I held out until Monday before picking it up again and I started out pretty crappy but I played a slightly better in my last match and I think I broke even on the day.

To make this an all Star Wars post I gotta tell you I went to London Drugs on Saturday to pick up some snacks that I can only get there like this Mexican tuna salad that's made in Italy.  Remember I showed you those Star Wars trading cards I was buying and trying to get the set?  Well, those pretty much dried up a while ago and you can't find them anywhere now.  Well I was getting my Italian Mexican tuna salad I found a single pack of those Star Wars cards.  I bought it of course because I was still two cards short of completing the main set.  Guess what?  GUESS?!  Both the cards I needed to finish the set were in that pack.  I was so relived to finally find them.  I'm still short a few insert cards for the sub-sets, but I'm not going to worry about those.

I got this on DVD!  I had been waiting for it come out for a while too since I had seen some it of when it aired on Disney XD, but missed the final two instalments.  Droid Tales is a five episode Lego  Star Wars adventure that take places at the end of Return of the Jedi and has C-3PO retelling the accounts of the first six Star Wars movies to anyone who will listen as he pursues a mystery figure who has kidnapped R2-D2.

Of course it's made for kids, but it's still enjoyable because it's funny and it's Star Wars.  It makes parodies the entire Star Wars universe and all the films.  My favourites were episodes four and five which cover The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.  Overall, it's pretty solid and I hope they continue to make more Lego Star Wars shows like this in the future.  

It might be on Netflix, I still haven't signed up yet, so I don't know.  If it is then you should definitely check it out.  I told Mike to get it for Eli since he's into Lego, so it would be a good way to introduce him to Star Wars.  He probably didn't listen though just like he never got Eli a Nerf gun.

Check out a few screen shots of the DVD below.  

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