Wednesday, April 13, 2011


With spring already here (not really) and summer approaching (I hope) I went out and bought a new pair of shoes.  If you remember way back on my other blog I posted a picture of my Johnny Ramones Vans and I'm keeping the legacy alive with a brand new pair of Ramones Converse.

Converse did a few different styles of Ramones shoes with a few different hi-tops, but I went with the low tops.  The hi-tops aren't very flashy.  The black ones are just black with a Ramones logo in place of the Converse logo.  I liked the low tops because they're still black, but covered in mini Ramones logos.

I ordered these online from a place in Victoria called Baggins Shoes.  I had been debating about whether or not I should get these for a while, but I was looking at their website last week and they currently have a deal where it's free shipping to anywhere in Canada and they ship fast too.  My shoes shipped on Friday and were on my doorstep on Monday.   I think Cam needs a pair of Converse Metallica Ride the Lighting shoes or possibly Jimi Hendrix Electric Ladyland.

Still in the rock n' roll spirit this Saturday is Record Store Day around the world.  It is supposed to celebrate indie record stores with special releases on vinyl and CD.  Participating stores will have have limited runs from all types of artists.  I've never actually gone to a Record Store Day just because I've never really known about it and thought it was just for music snobs.  I browsed some of the titles available this year and will try to pick up at least one title if I can.

There are actually a lot more titles available for Record Store Day than I thought.  The ones on my watch list would a Daft Punk Tron LP.  You don't even need to listen it because it just looks so awesome.  It's coloured to look like a light disc and looks super sweet.  Next we have the Nirvana Hormoaning LP out and it's the first time it's been officially available in North America.  Another one is a split 7" with the Ramones doing Havana Affair and the Red Hot Chili Peppers covering the same song.  There is also supposed to be a Beastie Boys 7" of their new single, but on the Record Store Day website it says it won't be available in the US in time.  Hopefully this is only in the US and Canada gets these!  Check out the website for a full list of available titles.

Here in Calgary we have not one, but five stores taking part in Record Store Day.  My plan is to first hit up the Inner Sleeve and if that doesn't go so well I'll check out Melodiya Records.  I have a feeling that the Inner Sleeve will be super busy, but I will try anyway.  If those two don't pan out then I will just go home and cry.  Cam and Mike don't feel left out!  Cam you can check out Underground Music and Mike can go to Spinners Sound Centre, but Willie can sit at home.  No Pearl Jam for you!

Beastie Boys related!  As I said the Beastie Boys have their new single out these Saturday, but you can hear it now over on their website and I gotta say it's pretty cool.  There is also a trailer for a music video that has the future Beastie Boys played by Will Ferrell, Jack Black and John C. Reilly meeting younger versions of themselves played by Danny McBride, Elijah Wood and Seth Rogen.  That sounds so stupid it might be awesome.  Apparently there will be a 30 minute version of the video! Ch-check it out!


WiLLiE said...

I saw the Beastie Boys clip on youtube via their Facebook post. It's pretty funny what I saw. As for record store day, I'm gonna go to the sally anne and buy me some Mitch Miller or Charley Pride records so I can fit in with all the hipsters across this great nation of ours. If I had the money, I'd buy those low tops AND the high tops.

mike said...

oh man, Remember those Red vans that you/Cam/I had??

Didn't you buy them in Sandpoint and then they didn't fit or something?

they were like these:
but had more black on them.

I miss those shoes.

Keef said...

I remember back in the day it was a big deal when Fields in the Tamarack Mall(?) got some Airwalk slip-ons. They were light blue with lighting bolts on them. I think my grandma bought a pair and they were gnarly. Early in my skate career I also had a pair of Vision Street Wear high tops. They were blue AND suede. Cue the Elvis reference.