Monday, April 4, 2011


Go read this:

Did you read it?  I got an e-mail from Best Buy today saying Epsilon had informed them that my name and e-mail address had been "exposed".  Now I can look forward to getting a bunch of spam.

I originally switched to Gmail because my Hotmail was getting a ton of junk mail all the time.  Now I can't even log into Hotmail because whenever I try it's always locked out because someone is trying to hack it.  I've heard from a couple people at work that they are having the same problem with Hotmail accounts getting hacked.  I can't even reset my password because Microsoft can't verify the account, which I've had since 1996 or so, is mine.  This blows because it's also on a Live account and has my XBox account hooked up to it as well.  I wish I could just delete the entire account.


mike said...

Jeez..Why can't they just stick to tipping over oil tankers and skateboarding around?

WiLLiE said...

Awesome reference Mike...HACK THE PLANET!