Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I received a small box in the mail today and it addressed from Loblaw Companies aka The Superstore.  I wondering what junk they were sending me and slipped off the outside cover.

In appreciation?  This must be mix up...

 Wow, has it been ten years already?!  That is so depressing I'm going to throw myself into traffic.

 Sorry, I'm not going to wear it.  I wonder how much I could get for it on eBay?
 At least they packaged the pin up a nice fold out box with my letter and certificate of recognition inside.  I would've preferred the $1 instead.

Ten years of back breaking servitude at Superstore doesn't just get you a pin and a certificate, you'll also get your anniversary hire date off with full pay every year.  You know the only reason I started working at SS was because I didn't have a job (obviously!) and need money for Kiki's birthday.  At the time I thought I probably won't even make to one year.  Ten years later I still there working part time and all I get is a pin.  It sucks, but I'm too stupid to do anything else.  Remember kids to stay in school and make something of yourself!  Here's to another ten!! 


WiLLiE said...

Dude, you're not stupid. Besides, I dunno if your store is different than ours here but you probably got in while they gave good raises every year or so.

Keef said...

I mean I'm too lazy to do anything else.