Saturday, April 23, 2011

Pictures of pictures

Whenever I come home I usually end up going through some of the many boxes of stuff I still have in my parent's basement.  I was going through a box that had sports card albums and photo albums in it.  For some reason I have a lot of baseball cards, but don't worry I'm getting rid of those.  The photo albums had a few good pictures in them, so I thought I share a couple on here.  I wasn't about to take the photo albums back to Calgary just to scan the pictures, so I just took some pictures of them.  Hence, pictures of pictures.

Old school mountain biking at the dust bowls on my Schwinn.  In the full size picture you can see I'm making a weird face.

What a bunch of goofballs.

Bunch of goofballs part 2, but at least I didn't have a mullet.

Cam in foreground and Willie in the background.  

Mike goes airborne!

Big Blue!

Nobody told Jeff that snowboards were for snow!

Mike on the trail up to Fisher Peak.  I believe he is wearing the same red hoodie as Cam is in the picture above.  Hand me downs!!


Cam said...

Thanks for these. Good ol' Big Blue: when you're stuck in a 4WD, you're REALLY stuck, haha.

Keef said...

Yeah, but at least I didn't have a mullet!

Cam said...

I hope society will eventually forgive my crimes against good taste. In my own defense, it was the early 90's.

mike said...

haha awesome pics,
I can't believe you got a picture of both Cam and Willie on bikes. lol

And none of Cams stuff ever got handed down, I took it fair and square. (def; I snuck it out while he was at work)

I wonder where BigBlue is now? I always remember when the glove would freeze onto the side when you had to fill it up..

Keef said...

When my dad switched Big Blue over to propane I was always scared to fill it up at first because I thought I was going to blow myself up.

I did freeze my hand a few times when it filled up and then sprayed out the overflow valve. That's what the glove was for!

Kristian said...

I remember taking the top picture, I've got the same picture but it's me in it! We were so rad back then, we just didn't know it.

Etto helmets rock. I still have mine sitting in my garage and wear it from time to time when I ride into work. Judging the new technology I am sure this helmet isn't very safe. But it's pretty ninja.

In the third picture did anyone notice there is a little kid sitting next to me and Joe? All you see is hair.

And I remember Jeff trying to snowboard those rocks and dirt. I remember we wanted him to crash on his face.

Good times.