Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I like to play to video games, but unfortunately I'm not that good at them.   I'm even worse at racing/driving games because the only button I know how to use is the gas.  The only racing series I've been acceptable at was the Ridge Racer series and I'm talking the old school games like Rage Racer and R4.  I tried playing Project Gotham 4 last week and I gave up after a couple races, it was abysmal.  I swear I'd brake before the corners and turn, but the damn car would just go straight and smash into the wall.  Turn damn it!  I need something a little less simulation and little more arcadey.

I wasn't too sure what to expect when I picked this up today.  I popped it to give a try and make sure it works and on the first corner I was drifting, it was sweet.  I still sucked and by the time I finished the stage I had smashed out all the windows on my car and broke my front bumper off when I hit a fence post, but I finished.  I did a stage in Japan on pavement and an off-road stage in Australia.  On the dirt track in Australia you are obviously going to drift more, but I was sliding all over the place, I didn't even need to brake.  You're not in control until you're out of control!  I think that was from a movie.

I only got the game disc, no manual or sleeve, but it was $2.99 so no big deal.  Luckily, it is backwards compatible with the XBox 360 and so is Colin McRae Rally 05, so I'll keep my eyes peeled.  Willie is all jealous now.


WiLLiE said... are SO right, I'm totally all jealous now. I actually haven't done any research at all, I have no idea if Colin McRae Rally is only for X-Box or if it's out for PS3. I've always assumed that since I've never seen a McRae game for any system at EBgames or Walmart or superstore that they haven't existed since PS1 days.

Keef said...

The original XBox got Colin McRae 3,4 and 5 while the PS2 got 4 and 5. The games were done by Codemasters who also do the DiRT series. The DiRT series were released as Colin McRae: DiRT and later Colin McRae: DiRT 2, but in NA is was just DiRT.

Even the Gameboy Advance got Colin McRae 2.0! These game can all be found on eBay, so good hunting.

Cam said...

Willie, we got drunk & played McRae Rally 3 on my PS2 in the trailer a few times. Codemasters also made GRID, which I played with my GT wheel on my computer because I am literally a huge nerd.

Keef said...

I also had no idea what the hell my co-pilot was saying as he was giving me instructions on upcoming corners. Every once in a while I could make out "tree" and I made sure to hit it.

Cam said...

The co-driver notes are probably the distance to the next corner, then the sharpness of the corner (you can also think of it as recommended gear), left/right, then if it tightens (gets sharper) or opens, or if there's rocks or trees or if you should stay left or whatev. That's how the old-school rally games did it.

Keef said...

That's what it is, but not like it is that helpful if you can't understand the dude. I just go by the icon that also pops on screen.