Friday, April 29, 2011

Oh yeah...

I am back in Calgary.  I could've stayed one more day and gone to the hockey game, but I wanted to come back, so I could have a day back home to "kick it" before going back to work.  I had seven days off from work and now that I'm back, I'm working seven days in a row.  That sucks because I'm lazy!  So lazy in fact that I was originally going to write this back on Tuesday.  I ended up playing video games and watching TV until late, so didn't get around to it.  Despite having the next day off I didn't do it then either and last night I was playing BC2 again, so didn't have time.  Tonight I'm finally getting around to it, but now I forget most of what I was going to write about.

On Monday I was driving through downtown Cranbrook with my mom and we saw the transvestite crossing the street.  He/she either has a bad wig or horrible hair, but was decked out in a pink hoodie and a mini skirt.  The we were stopped at a light which turned green, but I couldn't actually go because some crazy bearded dude who was muttering to himself while eating an ice cream cone just walks across the street in front of me.  Then I turn to my mom and say, "No wonder downtown is so empty, all these weirdos scare everyone away."  It's a circus!  Well, at least they can't say Cranbrook doesn't have character.  Or characters.

I also ate at Cranbrook Sushi with my parents.  They were going to go to Sakura, but we ate there once and I wanted to try this place.  It was okay, but they get bonus points for having actual Japanese people working there and the waitress gets double(X2!) bonus points for wear a mini skirt.   I could tell she was Japanese by her teeth.  Yeah, that sounds weird, but makes perfect sense to me.  Then she said something in Japanese to one of the sushi guys and I was like "Knew it!"  Anyway, the sushi was good, but I didn't like their nigri, the rice wasn't packed very well and just fell apart when you picked it up.  They also put the sushi on HUGE plates.  We had a plate of rolls and a plate of nigri and it took up half the table.  They also had tilapia sushi and I think that's the first place I ever seen make tilapia sushi.   Did you know they have tilapia at the zoo in the hippopotamus enclosure to eat the poo in the water?  I also noticed the guys making the sushi were snacking on a package of PC chocolate chip cookies.  Damn guys, at least pay another buck for a decent name brand!  Negative points!

My dad cleaned up part of the basement at the house and took an old metal shelving unit up to Paul's workshop by the barn.  It was full of stuff and even had a bunch of crap piled on top of it.  We cleared all the crap off so we could carry it outside, but there was one that wasn't coming off no matter what.  A bottle of glue had spilled on the top and there was no way that thing was coming off.

My mom wiped out the inside, but the top is still super dusty.  The dust is probably glued down too.  That's my excuse for not doing it.  That's my excuse for not doing most things.

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