Saturday, April 23, 2011

Out and about

I know I said I didn't like the fair, but I ended up going on Friday afternoon.  My dad guilted me into it a bit because he was taking Avery and Logan and needed some back up.  It was a bit cold, so at least it wasn't that busy.  I actually went on the train ride with Avery.  I thought I was going to have get off because the guy was trying to start it and it wouldn't move and then he was pushing on the train car that I was sitting in.  He must've known what he was doing because then it started moving.

I played the fishing game and the dart/ballon game with Avery.  I'm so rad I got two ballons with one dart.  Avery picked the snake, but I wanted the chipmunk.  But the best part of the fair were the mini donuts, $5 for 15 or $6 for 20.  We just got 15 and a handful of napkins because Avery required one napkin per donut.  Kids are too messy.

I guess the night before somebody burned down a row of five port-a-potties.  Four were completed gone with the fifth one on the end half melted.  The weird thing is that they burned down completely to the base, but a couple rolls of toilet paper survived!  The ends were a bit blackened, but surprisingly untouched considering.  Good for nuthin' Cranbrook delinquents, that's why you can't have nice things.

Today I went over to Willie's and we checked out the usual sights.  Although we did go up to Kimberly for a quick look around.  The whole town was pretty empty and sad looking.  We went to Togs and Toys and they had some $1 VHS tapes and I got two Power Ranger videos and Willie got a Edmonton Oilers video that was still sealed.  At the Hospital Aux I got a CBC t-shirt which I actually already have, but the one I have is all shrunk from repeated washings.  We were going to go the little used bookstore with the weird lady that works there, but we couldn't find it.  We couldn't find it as in the building is completely gone!  We headed back Cranbrook and then saw half of Kimberly down at the skatepark.

Back in Cranbrook we went to a couple other places, but didn't find anything too exciting.  Willie got a glass at Twice Is Nice and I got a can of Crunk! at Giant Tiger.  I had drop Willie off at home at 4 pm because he had to get started on Shilo's birthday dinner.   I'm sure it turned out fine.

Here is Willie celebrating his find from Togs and Toys.  He insisted on putting on his toque so he would look good.


WiLLiE said...

It's cuz I'm classy like that and yes, the birthday dinner turned out just fine.

Keef said...

I hope you are not one of THOSE guys who wears a toque in the middle of summer just because it looks cool.

mike said...

^Willie is way cooler than that, he wears his toque backward.. or sideways yo!