Monday, February 11, 2013

Come on people!

Stop being so stupid!  I'm getting a head of myself and as you know I already complained about lazy dumb people not putting stuff in the recycle bins and just leaving it on the ground or on top of the bins.  I did get a cool big Lego Death Star box out of it, but it still should've been put inside the bin.  So last Thursday I go and take in our recycling and somebody had just dumped a bunch of crap/garbage/who-knows-what by one of the bins.

The recycle bins are for paper products, glass, metal and plastics...not office chairs!  The bag beside the chair has some JVC speakers in it.  But it's gets better.

More bags of crap and a T-FAL deep fryer?  I just don't get people.  If it's garbage, then just throw it in the garbage.  It's it not then just donate it to the thrift store which actually has some donation bins on the other end of the recycle bins.  And if it's recyclable put it in the recycle bin.  It's simple right?


Cara said...

Did you enjoy French fries tonight from your new T-FAL deep fryer?

Keef said...

I already got a deep fryer, but I guess I could use one in my room. Hmmm....