Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Who's out there?

Today I got General Grievious' star fighter, I didn't even know he had one.  Did you?  Well, I only saw Revenge of the Sith once and that was when it was released in the theatres.  He probably did, I'm old and forget stuff.

This is off topic, but what happened on February 18th?  I was checking the stats and on that day the blog saw 104 page views which is a new record.  Usually, the blog does pulls in views in the high twenties to mid-forties which still seems like a hell of a lot to me.  I only thought five or six people read my blog that I know, so I have no idea where all the other page views are coming from.  Who's reading this?  If I had known that so many people were possibly reading this I would make an effort to make it more interesting.  I bet it's just Mike spamming the reload button on his browser.


mike said...

spam? rhymes more with... you know who..

Keef said...

I looked at the top viewed posts from the past week and the most, 38 views last week, was from way back in May 4, 2009. Funny thing is that now has 31 comments. Thanks spam bots!

The second most viewed was the post about my old 24hr Video receipts with 34 views last week. Only one spam comment though!

The third most viewed post last week was the one titled "XXX Live webcam pussy play! XXX". In it I posted about kitten webcams and wondered if my post title would bring in more viewers. I guess it worked!

Cara said...

First of all, being a huge Star Trek fan, of course I knew that General Grievious had a star fighter. Duh.

Secondly, I think you may get 20-40 views per post since the 6 people who read your blog actually have no life so they check it 6 or 7 times a day.... just speculation, of course. Yes, I am included in those people who have no life, so you can all stop typing your hate mail now.

Keef said...

Cara, I guess you must be checking the blog a lot more now that it's the Star Trek Advent Calendar countdown.

I also have my computer set so it doesn't count if I view any posts. I still find it funny that the 24hr video post got 34 views last week alone. It's so popular I just have to do it again!

mike said...

people must really be searching for video update info..

You know what I never liked that Riker guy, plus how can you tell me that Jordie can't see when he's got a whole show based on reading??