Friday, February 22, 2013

VHS is awesome

The old 24hr Video post of video rental receipts post is now up to 47 views for this week meaning that somebody somewhere for some reason might possibly find it interesting.  Since the internet viewing public can't get enough of it, I'm pretty much obligated to give them more.

You've heard of it, but now you get to see it, the mysterious pudding box.  What treasures does it hold?  Video receipts, the Thrill Seekers Rules, old report cards and an Atari 2600 E.T. game manual among other things.

When I cropped these pictures I made sure to include my "grade 2 printing" signature because I know Cara can't get enough of it.

Split Second with Rutger Hauer, total classic.  I now own The Stuff on DVD, but no memory what so ever of watching this previously.  I do remember watching Dust Devil as Cam had to work, so Mike and I watched it.  The were some boobs and a sex scene and your guys' mom was watching it with us for a bit.  The ending had the best head explosion scene EVER!  I think we rewound and watched it three or four times.

Nothing but classics this time around!

Last week we rented Naked Gun and then this week we rented Naked Gun 2 1/2.  I remember nothing about Biohazard.  Anybody??

Almost one year later we rented Naked Gun 2 1/2 yet again!  I picked the Warren Miller one, but Cam must've picked In the Army Now.  Xtro II with Jan-Michael Vincent and Nicolas Lea!  I guess they made a Xtro III, I'll have to watch it to see how they wrapped up the franchise.

Drunken Master II with Jackie!  This was back before Miramax/Dimension bought the North America rights for it, so Video Update had the VHS from Tai Seng of the original Chinese cut.  Oh yeah, it is AWESOME!  Once Miramax/Dimemsion bought it, they dubbed it and cut the ending.  In the original it shows Wong Fei-Hung all messed up, goofy and pretty much brain damaged from drinking the industrial alcohol during the end fight.  The new and unimproved NA version has this scene completely removed and they just say, "Yeah, he's not here, but he's okay."  Not cool! Video Update also had Stephen Chow's(Kung Fu Hustle) From Beijing With Love which was also pretty good.

Drunken Master II again, probably because I had to copy it.  Again, I totally don't remember watching Edge of Honor and I wish I did.  It has Corey Feldman and Meredith Salenger (Natty Gann) and is about some scouts who find a gun cache and then have to fight the gun runners with the help of a girl who's after the gun runners for murdering her family.  Maybe it'll get released on Blu-ray soon, fingers crossed!

That's it for now and be sure to remember to rewind your movies before you return them to the video store.  Or as Cam taught me, fast forward them to the end of the tape and then rewind them because you don't want the reels too tight.

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Cam said...

Pro-tip: if you fast-forward when you're done watching (or just fall asleep or walk away), any decent VCR will get to the end of the tape, automagically rewind, eject the tape, and turn itself off. You're happy, the reels are happy, the video store is happy, everybody is happy!