Thursday, February 21, 2013

Photo Op 20

Down in the basement when I putting away the Shocking Liar back in it's box for safe keeping I found a bunch of other crap in that same box like a bike lock I never used, a strobe light I got at the thrift store and my old camera.  I'm not talking about my digital Canon, or my old Kodak that the Canon replaced, I'm talking about my old Samsung camera that takes film.  Remember when cameras used film?

I got to thinking it would be fun to give a try again if I could find some 35mm camera film.  I went by the electronics department at work and picked up a roll for under $2.  I first asked the guy if they even developed camera film anymore and he said they do, but not for too much longer.  Once they renovate our store this summer the machine for doing film is getting taken out.  I got lots of time before then, so I bought a roll.

Once I got home I was looking at my box of film and noticed on the bottom it said "Process Before 2013.01".  But this was 2013 02?  I decided to take my chances, as it's not worth the trouble to get my $2 back.  Next time I was in the electronics department I told them that all the film is expired, so they pulled it all.  They don't sell camera film at our Superstore anymore! 

The old Samsung ECX-1, I guess it was pretty good back in the day as it won some European camera award '94-'95.  Some of you have seen it before and even used it.  This is actually my second camera like this as the first one got stolen.  I had gone hiking and we took Joe's truck and once we got back to Steve's I just piled all my stuff on the hood of my truck and then helped Steve carry his stuff inside.  I must've stayed inside for a bit and when I came out to put my gear in my truck I couldn't find the camera and we searched everywhere for it.  I figured someone must've swiped it off the the hood of the truck while I was inside.  At least I had used up the roll of film and taken it out first.  My parents bought me a replacement for my birthday or Christmas, I can't remember.

I used it a few times after getting the new one, then I moved to Calgary, so I wasn't using it as much.  I did use it a few times, I think I have a couple rolls of nothing but cat pictures.  I don't think you want to see those...or do you?!

Honestly, I didn't even really know how to use the thing.  It had a lot of settings and stuff that I couldn't be bothered to learn how to use.  I could take pictures, use the macro, zooms, timer and that's all I needed to know.

Since I hadn't used my camera in so long the batteries were dead.  I thought they used AA or maybe AAA, but they used some stubby lithium batteries that cost me $17.  I thought I'd buy a $2 roll of film, take a few snaps and pay a few bucks to get it developed for fun, but now it's getting pricey.

I'm actually heading back to Cranbrook on Friday, so while I'm there I'd better get started on taking some pictures.  I just don't know what to take pictures of.  A roll of 24 pictures of Willie? 

The cool part is that when I opened the film, it was in the little plastic canister.  Now I have something to put my quarters and loonies in.


mike said...

I'm genuinely surprised that they have a film developer. Places here only send it out.

plus, you should go back and offer to take that film off their hands- people shoot expired film all the time, like 10 years expired..

also, camera batteries are expensive.

Keef said...

As I said I went back and told them all their film was expired and when I went by there the next day it was all gone. Gone to the garbage! Sorry, Mike. I should've bought another couple rolls then.